Mission Statement

The use of technology in instruction changes the structure of the classroom. No longer will the teacher rely solely on the traditional lecture/seat work method of instruction. In a technology-rich, learner-centered classroom, the teacher serves as a facilitator of instruction, mentor, and coach. Technology will provide a record of the student's academic history and ways to manage learning progress and activities. Teachers have the data and information needed to individualize instruction and assessment as well as make other important instructional management decisions. Through technology, teachers and students will access a wealth of materials, services, and networks throughout the state, nation, and world. Technology does not replace the teacher, but rather supports and enhances the educational process.

Classroom Support

UF IT/AT Learning Spaces will support the faculty and students of the University of Florida in the following ways, by:

  • Supporting the integration of technology in the teaching and learning environment while addressing diverse learning styles
  • Fostering creativity and competence in the use of technology for productivity and teaching that will increase self-esteem in faculty and students
  • Empowering all stakeholders to suggest and effect change, and to know that their opinions are valued
  • Researching and securing ongoing funding for new technology
  • Providing robust and reliable access to current and emerging technologies and digital resources, with connectivity for all students and faculty, including those with special needs
  • Providing modern teaching spaces for faculty to learn how to shift thinking towards becoming a strong facilitator of learning in student centered and collaborative learning classrooms