Equipment Check-out and Rental Services

Equipment check-out and rental services are provided at the Classroom Support Main Office, HUB Office 124 by appointment only (352) 392-6683. To preserve equipment availability for all instructors, equipment may only be checked out for the duration of the class session. For rentals, or if a piece of equipment will leave campus or stay out overnight, a Equipment Rental Form must be completed and signed by a Dean, Director, or Department Chair, taking financial responsibility for the equipment, before the equipment can be released.

Equipment Check-out for Use in UF Credit Courses

Classroom Support provides an equipment check-out service for instructors of officially scheduled UF credit courses teaching in locations other than UF’s general classrooms. For a complete list of equipment, see our page. Instructors must pick up equipment within an hour before class, and return within an hour following their class. Overnight or weekend checkout is not available. A UFID card must be presented when picking up equipment.

Instructors are advised that if they are not able to transport the needed equipment to their place of instruction, they may (prior arrangement required) have a student from their course or department staff member pick up and/or return the equipment on their behalf. Instructors and their departments are financially responsible for equipment checked out in their name at all times. Supervising faculty members may arrange for equipment check-out for thesis/dissertation defenses. Only a single piece of each type of equipment may be checked out, to insure equipment availability for all instructors.

Equipment Rental for Use in Other UF Activities

UF activities such as conferences, seminars, professional presentations, service events, research and other meetings may rent out equipment, but must fill out an Equipment Rental Form and be signed by a Dean, Director, or Department Chair accepting financial responsibility for the equipment. Rental's are not available for individuals or events not associated with the University. Equipment delivery, setup, tear-down, and on-site support by Classroom Support staff is available for an additional fee.

Rental Fees

*One week equals five business days*

ItemFirst Day Rental2-Hour EventAdditional DayWeek
WXGA Data Projector
Epson PowerLite 96W Equipment Manual
$50 $25 $20 $100
7′ or 8′ Projection Screen $10 $5 $4 $20
Portable PA System
Fender Passport 150 PRO Equipment Manual
$30 $15 $12 $60
Wired Microphone (4 MAX)
Available with a Yamaha speaker and/or a Microphone stand at no charge.
Equipment Manual for Microphone
Equipment Manual for Yamaha Speaker
$5 $3 $2 $10
Wireless Microphone System (2 MAX)
Shure PG88
Available with a Yamaha speaker at no charge.
Equipment Manual for Microphone System
Equipment Manual for Yamaha Speaker
$40 $20 $16 $80

Equipment Pick-Up and Return

Rental equipment must be checked out and returned between the hours of 8:00am and 5:00pm Monday-Friday, excluding holidays, at The HUB room 124.

Late Fees

Equipment not returned by the agreed time will incur additional charges of the First Day rental fee per item per day.

Setup, Teardown, Support

Equipment setup, teardown, and support will be charged at the rate of $65 per hour per technician. Please inquire well in advance of the event.


To complete the ordering process please sign the Loan Agreement and email it to along with your fiscal contact information for the responsible Department/College. Your UFIT customer number will be associated with the Loan Agreement and any future orders. If you do not have a UFIT customer number you will be assigned one. You will also receive a service order number associated with your order and instructions on how to set up a PO in myUF Market for the charge if you are paying by a chartfield. Payment by pcard or checks is no longer accepted.

Notice: Events canceled less than one week in advance will still be billed the standard charges.