Classroom Support offers a variety of different microphone solutions across our classrooms. For more information on which microphone will be available in your classroom please visit our Classrooms and Capabilities page. For more information on available microphones and their use, please watch the video How to use Microphones in a HyFlex Classroom (YouTube)

RevoLabs Dual Microphone System 

RevoLabs Microphones offer dual microphones, one for the instructor and one for table tops. Microphones are muted when removing from charging base, press front button once to unmute. Blinking LED will change from red -> green.



Shure BLX/QLX systems are available throughout most large classrooms or lecture halls. Microphones offer voice lift in the room, as well as video conferencing through Zoom.

Catchbox Microphone

Soft plush microphone that can be lobbed around the classroom for engaging experiences. Available upon request.


Catchbox Plus Manual

Yamaha/Shure Microphone Array

360 degree microphone in the ceiling. Current availability: Turlington, Norman. 

 LED Indicators: Green > Unmuted. Red > Muted

Movo Microphone

The Movo MC1000 is a directional conference microphone that houses three audio capsules capable of capturing sound in a 20' ft radius, with 180° degree coverage. Ideal for capturing instructors voices around the classroom podium.