iClicker Response System

iClicker is a software that allows instructors to create questions to poll students in order to evaluate students' comprehension, retention of complex material, or classrooms experience. Students enter their responses on their own mobile device, or into a wireless keypad that looks like a remote control, providing instantaneous assessment feedback that enables instructors to confidently move forward with material or step back review, closely tailoring the lecture to the students' needs. iClicker ensures every student has a voice in your classroom, no matter the size.

iClickers are sometimes referred to as a Student Response System, Personal Response System, or Classroom Response System. iClicker Cloud is the Classroom Support recommended Classroom Response System.

iClicker Cloud allows you to collect student responses using iClicker remotes or the iClicker Reef Mobile app. Student response data is hosted online in the cloud. You can use it in class by itself or you can integrate directly into Canvas. iClicker works seamlessly with all applications (including PowerPoint, Keynote, Adobe, Word, and websites), enabling instructors to prepare their questions (in advance or on the fly) within the tools that they're already using and poll students at any point during their lecture.

To get started with iClicker Cloud, all instructors should schedule training with Kelly Morrow, UF's Client Relationship Specialist. Training can be scheduled at https://go.oncehub.com/iclickermorrow. You can also contact our campus Engagement Specialist, Glen Garrett, for on-campus training. He can be reached at 615-598-3638 or glen.garrett@macmillan.com.

Instructors can allow students to use iClicker remotes, the iClicker Reef Mobile app, or a hybrid of both. In order to collect remote responses, iClicker base receivers are attached to the room's computer. A base receiver is not needed if your students are only using the mobile solution. Please contact Classroom Support at 392-6683 or classrooms@ufl.edu for more information or if you are interested in utilizing this technology in your classrooms.

iClicker Cloud How-To Resources

Using iClicker Cloud

Grading & LMS

iClicker + Canvas


iClicker Cloud Troubleshooting

Check the iClicker System Status page to verify whether there are any server outages that might be affecting you today. You can also view the iClicker Cloud Instructor Knowledge Base.


Purchasing iClicker Reef or Remotes

Students can purchase access cards to iClicker Reef or iClicker remotes at the UF Bookstore at a reduced price via a special agreement between iClicker and the University of Florida. iClicker Reef and iClicker remotes can also be purchased directly from iClicker at full price.

Faculty should inform the campus bookstore of what option they would like the student to purchase, whether it be iClicker Reef Mobile or an iClicker remote.

Students may resell and reuse clickers at their discretion through any available means, you can easily find them for sale on eBay and occasionally on Craigslist.